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Check our lower priced rates:

$400 /month plus electric for a 30 AMP RV’s.

$400 /month plus electric for a 30/50 AMP RV’s.

$450 /month plus electric for a 655 sf Slab, Concrete Patio, Sidewalk and 500 sf RV Pad.

**All above include full hook-ups

$250 /weekly + electric for 30 AMP RV’s.

$250 /weekly + electric for 30/50 AMP RV’s.

$275 /weekly + electric for 655 sf Slab, Concrete Patio, Sidewalk and 500 sf RV Pad.

$55/day for 30 AMP, includes electric.

$65/day for 30/50 AMP, includes electric.

$75/day for Concrete Slab includes electric, 655 sf Slab, Patio, Sidewalk and 500 sf RV Pad.

Miscellaneous Costs:

Washer $2.25, Dryer $1.75 These are 7.5 Cubic Foot, nearly twice the regular units.

Purchased in December 2020, see Amenities Tab.

Electric is 15 cents a kw.

Extra Vehicle $75.

Covered Car Storage Available for $100, Covered RV for $150, and Uncovered RV for $100.

On Furnished Suites, all have a Cleaning Fee from $25-$150. If left in poor condition additional fees may apply.

Indoor Storage Available upon Request.

Zero extra fees for Pets or Additional Friends or Family.

Resort Store Opening Expected August 1, 2021.

Eight total Furnished Suites including 4/2, 3/2, 2/1, and 1/1 –

Pricing available upon request.